Welcome to the Carpathia Cisco Sales Portal!

The Carpathia Referral Partner Program is designed to enable 3rd-party referral partners interested in referring new Carpathia customers and being rewarded for those referrals. Our referral program is arguably the easiest and most rewarding in the industry. You can become a Carpathia Referral Partner in 3 easy steps:

  1. Review the 3rd-party Referral Partner Agreement
  2. Complete the easy Sign-up Form and attach your signed Agreement
  3. Receive confirmation of your acceptance into the Program within 24 hours

Once you’ve become an authorized 3rd-party Referral Partner, you will gain secure access to our easy-to-use Portal where you can:

  • Download dozens of fact sheets, white papers and case studies to assist with your identification of potential Carpathia customers
  • Earn commissions on referred customers and upsells to referred customers
  • Easy-to-use form to submit new opportunities with a guaranteed 48-hour response time and introduction to a Carpathia account executive

Click here to sign up to Carpathia’s 3rd-party Referral Partner Program and start earning commissions on your referrals.