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This Program is designed to enable third parties to refer new Carpathia customers and get rewarded through the easiest and most valuable program in the industry.

You can become a Carpathia Referral Partner in 3 easy steps:

  1. Review the 3rd-party Referral Partner Agreement
  2. Complete the easy Sign-up Form and attach your signed Agreement
  3. Receive confirmation of your acceptance into the Program within 24 hours

Once you've become an authorized Referral Partner, you will gain secure access to our easy-to-use Portal where you can:

  1. Download fact sheets, case studies and white papers to assist with identifying potential Carpathia customers
  2. Earn residual commissions on new sales and renewals/upsells for previously referred customers.
  3. Submit new opportunities with a guaranteed 48-hour response time and introduction to a Carpathia account executive through our easy-to-use form
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"I have worked with a number of colocation and hosting providers, but have found Carpathia to have a unique approach in supporting global and complex requirements. That's why I'm thrilled to be a part of their referral partner program. Carpathia can deploy and support infrastructure globally and is especially aligned to work with companies that need massive scale, which makes them a perfect fit for many of my referrals."

- Brian Evars, President of Direct Comm Group Inc.

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Become an authorized third-party Referral Partner today!

Through the Carpathia Referral Partner Program, we engage our Partners in a mutually beneficial relationship. As a Referral Partner, you will have the opportunity to generate monthly income, while allowing Carpathia the occasion to provide trusted cloud services and managed hosting solutions.

The Referral Partner Program and Portal are the latest services backed by Carpathia’s E3 Promise™, guaranteeing a partnership experience that exceeds expectations.

Carpathia is committed to making your success our top priority.

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The Carpathia Referral Program


The Carpathia Referral Program

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